People are strange, when your a stranger. - WOD

Session 4 - Moth Park

In prepration

Returning to flat leads and finding a letter signed J points out an old picture of Pete the homeless guy in Moth Park dressed as a catholic priest. After much persuasion Stink Pete agrees to research and undertake a 'Exorcism' at the sycamore tree but warns that the reaction may require some preparation.

  Over the next couple of days Absolum contacts Rabi Paul in the Santa Cruz central temple and as a favor is given a ring as legend has it used by a Rabi to calm the mind of a disturbed women in 1820. He expects it back and requires a favor in return form Absolum.

 Hansen meanwhile approach the local biker chapter in the titty twizzler and gains entry to speak with Mitch. After a conversation Mitch lends some baseball bats and a shotgun …. to ensure Hansen is able to deal with the Mexicans. However Mitch will call in a favor should the need arise.


pincRmovement pincRmovement

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