People are strange, when your a stranger. - WOD

Moth Park Session 5

End of the line

Stinky Pete, Absalom and Hanson prepare themselves for the exorcism of the spirits within the sycamore tree. Pete prepares the ritual whilst the others make a fire and prepare for the onslaught.

Having learnt from the previous encounter Hanson dispatched the 2 feral dogs that seemed somehow to be under the strange power of the tree.

Next hanging from the tree came the 2 children, one armed with scissors and one with strange sharp teeth. The ony things that seemed to have any effect where the cross and rosary beads given as religious artifacts from both Pete and the Rabi. Absalom very close death bloodied, broken ribs and shouting in the storm that had started to rage and Hanson also flagging but they managed a final push against the spirits who were banished? destroyed? disappeared?

Even then the tree gushed with blood sending waves of terror throughout the Forest ….. but the group stood firm. Finally a fork of lightning struck the tree breaking it in 2 ….. limping, hobbling and semi conscious the group left the park and called for an ambulance.


pincRmovement pincRmovement

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